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We will help you design tailored solutions to improve your business

We know how to design tailored solutions that support new services and innovative approaches. We prepare solutions that retain clients, increase their loyalty and make it easier to react to their needs within their life cycle.

Data Governance Solutions

From Information Management To Information Mastery

Data Governance is vital to ensuring that your data is trusted, understood and of appropriate quality so that business users can fully exploit this valuable asset. Start your program off with confidence with a fixed-price Needs and Capability Assessment. 

Data Monetization

Make Your Data Investments Pay For Themselves

Create value from your customer data. Aggregate it, anonymize it, and deliver actionable insights to your business customers so that they can improve their offerings.

Internet Of Things

Take Integration To The Next Level

Whether we call it the Internet of things, Digitization of the Business, Industry 4.0, or just put “Smart” in front of whatever entity we want to optimize (as in Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Factory, etc.), it’s understood that with all of the devices out there producing data, there’s unlimited potential to improve business processes, provided we can access, integrate, and make that data meaningful and actionable. 

Insurance Fraud Prevention

Adastra Fraud Detection And Prevention

AFDP is a comprehensive modular solution developed by Adastra for fraud detection and investigation support. Its universality, scalability and network analysis capabilities make AFDP highly effective in a variety of fields. 

Cloud Solutions

Because it’s the Cloud, it’s infinitely scalable, and will grow along with you. Adastra helps organizations leverage the power and cost-efficiencies of Cloud infrastructure to operate mission-critical workloads, and expand your business capabilities to the limits of your imagination, and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence And Data Science

Data Science Solutions

Adastra is your partner of choice for helping your teams integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into your business processes to maximize business value.

App Development

App Development Driven By Innovation

Let Adastra help shape your idea into reality with mobile and web app development, custom software development, and UI/UX design.

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