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Step by step, we’ll digitalise your rigid processes and modernise your applications and systems. We focus on the conceptual improvement of your technologies to benefit your business.

Data Integration

Unified Data At Your Fingertips

Data Integration is at the core of Information Management, it forms a foundational component of the services Adastra has successfully been bringing to the market for over a decade. Our tool-based approach leverages the latest in Data Integration technologies, in which our extensive team of Data Integration experts are trained.

Data Warehousing

The Right Data Structure To Support Your Growing Organization

Industry leaders understand the value of accurate, timely data, and invest accordingly in Data Warehouse solutions. Ensuring your Data Warehouse is positioned to meet the evolving needs of your organization is critical.

Operational Data Store

The First Data Storage System That Really Makes Your Life Easier. Wow Factor Included.

Are your operational business processes unnecessarily complicated and fraught with a  fragmented data base? Look no further as we have the answer for you in the elegant and functional Operational Data Store (ODS) that will rein in and speed up your processes effortlessly.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Make Awesome Decisions

Drive optimal business decisions about the present and future with practical intelligence gathered from industry-leading predictive analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Deep Insight For A Competitive Edge

Big Data means big potential for organizations poised to take the next step. Once insurmountable barriers of complexity, source, size, and structure have now been transformed into opportunities. A universe of internal, external, structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from social media, sensors, machines, web logs and other sources can now be leveraged for practical insight.

Data Quality

Better Data For Improved Decision Making

Adastra’s Data Quality solutions and services empower organizations with trustworthy data and the means to maintain it. Your data will be cleaner, more precise, more reliable, and comprehensible. Increase your organization’s data quality, awareness and maintenance with Adastra’s DQ expertise.

Master Data Management

Accessible, On-Time & Accurate Master Data

On-time delivery of complete and accurate information is a bedrock requirement for today’s organizations to remain competitive. Adastra helps companies in highly competitive markets to achieve their goals and address business challenges through our Master Data Management services and solutions.

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