Infrastructure Modernization on GCP

Delaying the time to realizing cloud value leaves companies at a competitive disadvantage. On prolonged projects, the costs start to increase. Let us help you innovate.

Infrastructure modernization with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Why Modernize Your Infrastructure on Google Cloud?

Do more

Convey your IT workforce to innovate and advance your business strategy.

Pay less

Reduce overhead of managing on-premises infrastructure and manage your costs on per-second billing rates and automatic discounts.

Be agile

Leverage an ecosystem that fully supports a fast and scalable migration to Google Cloud. Move thousands of VMs at scale with the built-in testing and right-sizing.

Secure your business

Reduce the jeopardy with Google`s world-class security by eliminating the operational difficulties with Google Cloud`s fully managed infrastructure.

You can count on us for

VM migration to GCP illustration.

VM Migration to GCP

With VM migration on Google Cloud, you can reduce the costs and maintenance overheads associated with running your on-premises infrastructure. Take the full benefits of moving to the cloud like greater scalability, enhanced performance, and stronger security.

Our offer provide you an experienced resources with a track record of success, and a relationship with Google engineers as an official partner.

Microsoft applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) made possible by Adastra Bulgaria.

Microsoft on Google Cloud

With Microsoft on Google Cloud, you can bring your Microsoft and Windows licenses and applications to GCP and get scalable infrastructure to help you improve agility and cost-efficiency.

Migrate your applications off of expensive platforms and reduce dependency on Microsoft technologies to further reduce licensing costs and move to a more agile and scalable framework.


Begin your Google Cloud journey now

The cloud is renovating the IT departments across enterprises. Its improving performance, adding new capabilities, and driving down costs. However, for enterprises with decades of investment in legacy IT infrastructure, cloud migration can be a challenge.

With the professional services that Adastra offers, you can jumpstart your cloud migration — so you can focus on your applications and data and let Google manage the underlying infrastructure.


Key outcomes


faster infrastructure


increase in productivity


faster task reviews by teachers

Education Center

“We now have a modern cloud ecosystem that helps us do our job with easy and quality. It also impacted our students who already complete their tasks much faster thanks to the dedicated workspaces enabled by GCP.  Great consultancy and attention to details by their team.

Thumbs up!”

General Education Director


Let’s Modernize on Google Cloud

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